• SDGs 4
  • SDGs 5
  • SDGs 8

We have implemented several initiatives to ensure that our employees can actively participate in society, irrespective of their gender.

Educational policy

We are committed to offering comprehensive education and training to develop our employees into capable members of society and proficient professionals in their work.

  • Next Generation Development Training
  • Leader Training
  • Presentation training
  • Inner Branding Training

Enhancement of the employment system

We will provide all employees with opportunities to play an active role in a fair position and to grow.

  • Childcare leave system for women and men raising children, support within the Group after childcare leave
  • Shortened working hours, staggered working hours, remote work system
  • Daytona HR system, FA system, boomerang system, second career system
  • Innovation Training (New Business Creation)
  • Early Morning English Conversation Class