For the Creation of a New Motorcycle Culture

We will showcase our distinctive planning and development expertise to establish our brand as the most globally supported.

Daytona is a versatile manufacturer actively involved in the strategic planning, development, wholesale, and retail sales of motorcycle parts and accessories. Our dynamic and innovative approach characterizes us as a creative enterprise, constantly undertaking the mission of shaping motorcycle culture.
We go beyond conventional boundaries by introducing fresh perspectives and influences gathered from around the globe to Japanese riders. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to spreading the exhilaration of motorcycle customization to enthusiasts worldwide, transcending geographical limitations.

Through the demonstration of our distinct planning and development prowess, as well as the delivery of products and services that resonate with motorcycle enthusiasts globally, our ultimate objective is to ascend as the world's most cherished and endorsed brand in the industry.



Daytona's Four Advantages,merchandise planning,development system,logistics system,sales net

Merchandise planning

Original Products, OEM products, overseas imported products

merchandise planning

To cater to diverse customer needs, Daytona follows a three-pronged product strategy, including original products, OEM items, and imported products.

original developed products, OEM products, overseas imported productsoriginal developed products, OEM products, overseas imported products

We aspire to secure our position as the most revered brand worldwide by showcasing our distinctive planning and development competencies. Through the provision of products and services tailored to the requirements of motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe, we seek to earn unparalleled support and recognition in the industry.
For instance, Daytona's accessory power supply unit, the "D-UNIT WR (Water Resistant)," achieved recognition by clinching the motorcycle category award at the "Accessory Awards 2021*" sponsored by the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun. The "D-UNIT WR" is a compact unit capable of accommodating three accessory power supplies, and by directly tapping into the primary power source from the battery, it delivers a collective output of 20A. As the number of motorcycles equipped with features like drive recorders, navigation systems, USB power supplies, grip heaters, and more has been on the rise in recent years, the "D-UNIT WR" stands out as a product thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse demands of customers.
Furthermore, the "D-UNIT WR" exhibits waterproof qualities, making it resilient to rain and other environmental challenges. Its compact size allows it to be effortlessly installed in various locations, rendering it a unique product suitable not only for motorcycle touring but also for a myriad of outdoor scenarios.

*The "Accessory Awards 2021" recognizes outstanding car and motorcycle products that were introduced or launched between April 2020 and June 2021, and that garnered significant attention within the industry. The evaluation process is comprehensive, taking into account various factors such as sales volume, innovative ideas, relevance, contributions to the industry, societal impact, and more. This approach ensures a well-rounded assessment of the products and their significance within the automotive and motorcycle landscape.


Development system

Ownership of road test courses, measurement buildings, etc., development membership system

Ownership of road test courses, measurement buildings, etc., development membership system

On our head office premises, Daytona has established a comprehensive testing infrastructure, featuring a 750-meter-long road test course and a measurement building equipped with a chassis dynamometer and engine bench. This state-of-the-art facility empowers us to conduct reliable performance evaluations, ensuring the delivery of safe and top-quality products.
Furthermore, we've introduced the "Development Membership System," a participatory platform that actively solicits feedback from motorcycle riders who are actively using our products. This system serves as a conduit for collecting a wide spectrum of input, encompassing user comfort, impressions, and suggestions for enhancements. It allows riders to express thoughts like "It would be even better if we did this," and these insights are integrated into our product development and planning processes. With a community of over 180 members, this direct engagement with the invaluable "real voices of riders" significantly informs the development of products that align with high-level expectations and needs.

Logistics system

Efficiency in distribution warehouses

Efficiency in distribution warehouses

Our head office logistics warehouse serves as the central hub for all logistics operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient network. We maintain precise control over the distribution warehouse's location, and our rigorous picking processes eliminate any waste of human labor, achieving a remarkable zero shipping error rate.
Given the anticipated continuation of rising costs stemming from the yen's depreciation and elevated prices, starting from December 2022, we are taking proactive measures. These include conducting price reviews with an unchanged range of product offerings each fiscal month and a focus on cost ratio reduction. We aim to achieve this by introducing new and enhanced products and expanding sales channels, particularly through online platforms, as a means to enhance profitability.
Simultaneously, we've initiated a dedicated logistics improvement project overseen by an appointed expert. The goal is to reduce logistics expenses by streamlining our operational system. This involves establishing defined standards for order volume and inventory levels, optimizing the warehouse layout, and enhancing the order-to-shipment lead time through system enhancements. These improvements include sharing the company's sales and inventory data with manufacturing contractors, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective logistics operation.

Sales network

sales network of approximately 4,000 stores in Japan

sales network of approximately 4,000 stores in Japan

Our extensive sales network spans approximately 4,000 locations throughout Japan, which includes two "Ricoland" stores operated by our group company, Riders Support Company. We have diligently established a robust sales network encompassing motorcycle shops and accessory stores. On the international front, we are actively broadening our distributor network across North America, Europe, and the ASEAN region.
To ensure seamless operations, we've implemented a state-of-the-art system that directly interfaces with Daytona's central computer. This system enables real-time access to inventory inquiries, ordering, order history, shipping history, backorders, and other essential information, enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of our sales network.