Creation of a resource-saving and recycling-oriented society

Promoting the reuse of used motorcycle aftermarket parts and genuine parts

  • SDGs 9
  • SDGs 12
  • SDGs 13
  • SDGs 17


As a prominent company in the motorcycle afterparts industry, we actively acquire used motorcycle aftermarket parts as well as genuine parts that are typically discarded by partner companies and users. Leveraging our extensive know-how, we ensure these parts are refurbished and processed appropriately, making them accessible for our customers to use. This effort not only helps in reducing waste but also enables us to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.
In 2030, we are setting ambitious goals and planning to expand our recycling efforts.


2021 2022 2023 2030
Targets 52,800 Piece 63,000 Piece 75,000 Piece 72,000 Piece
Results 36,000 Piece 40,000 Piece
Achievement rate 68% 63%

Promoting efforts to de-plasticize packaging

  • SDGs 9
  • SDGs 12
  • SDGs 13
  • SDGs 14
  • SDGs 17


  • Starting from 2024, we intend to consolidate our product packaging and gradually transition to more environmentally friendly materials.
  • We will actively encourage the recycling of product packaging that is shipped.
  • As an environmental improvement activity, we will cooperate with neighboring municipalities and participate in beach cleanup activities.

initiatives and achievements

Plastics Smart logo

We will participate in Plastic Smart, an initiative of the Ministry of the Environment.

渚のクリーン活動 年間計画 ポスター

Date Details of Achievement
October 30, 2022 Participated in Love the Earth Meeting
Participants: 800
November 6, 2022 Participated in the Iwata City Nagisa Exchange Center "Nagisa's Clean Activity"
Participants: 93
February 5, 2023 Participated in the Iwata City Nagisa Exchange Center "Nagisa's Clean Activity"
Participants: 96

Nagisa's Green Activities

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What is Plastic Smart

Plastic waste has garnered significant global attention due to its far-reaching impacts, including air pollution from incineration and marine pollution resulting from runoff. This issue not only affects the environment but also has a substantial impact on ecosystems.
To work towards a more sustainable society and natural environment, it is crucial to reevaluate our lifestyles. Without these changes, maintaining our existing way of life could become increasingly challenging.
Promoting proper processing and recycling techniques, fostering an understanding of biomass plastics and alternative materials, and adopting wise and responsible plastic management practices are all key steps in addressing this issue and mitigating its effects.
The Ministry of the Environment is implementing "Plastic Smart" to promote and further expand such various initiatives.