Top Commitment

President & CEOTetsuji Oda

Initiatives for Renewable Energy,
Decarbonization, New Energy,
Community Contribution,
and Reuse

Daytona is also actively working on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), researching alternative energy sources that can contribute to the environment by replacing or reducing fossil fuel use, and developing products to put them into practical use.

As an example, as part of our renewable energy business, we used electricity generated by our own solar power generation facilities, and in fiscal 2021, we implemented an initiative to cover 100% of the electricity used by Daytona and Group companies with renewable energy.
2032We aim to be "head office power off-grid" by continuing to operate solar power generation facilities at the Daytona headquarters, where the FIT (feed-in tariff scheme for the purpose of promoting renewable energy) ends this year.

In addition, in November 2021, we collaborated with Asene (., Ltd., which contributes to a decarbonized society through climate change tech, and in June 2022, we achieved the decarbonization of all electricity used by the Daytona ) In 2023, we aim to install solar panels on the rooftops of retail stores, take on the challenge of decarbonizing the electricity used by our stores, and eventually expand our plans to decarbonize the electricity used by our business partners.

As part of the development of new energy, we are conducting joint research with universities on on-demand hydrogen generators using sodium borohydride (SBH) and emergency engine generators using on-demand hydrogen generation. In addition, we are conducting research on recycling by-products from hydrogen generators to recycle them as SBH.

As a regional contribution, since August 2019, we have concluded a tourism partner agreement with the Shitara Town Tourism Association and have been working on it. In August 2023, we signed a tourism partnership agreement with the Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau in Aichi Prefecture to promote mutual support and cooperation in promotional activities, revitalize the region, disseminate information to motorcycle riders, and promote initiatives to disseminate information and publicize the creation of Daytona's motorcycle culture. We will promote a more sustainable tourism industry by attracting riders and planning and considering electric motorcycle experiences for kids.

In the field of reuse, we utilize Daytona's know-how in the planning and development of motorcycle accessories to purchase used motorcycle aftermarket parts and genuine parts that would normally be discarded from partner companies and users, and to properly process and utilize them.