Dividend Payments

Dividend Policy

The Company recognizes the return of profits to shareholders as one of the most important management issues. On the other hand, in order to realize our management philosophy, we believe that it is very important to establish a financial base that will realize sustainable growth, such as investing in existing businesses and new businesses, and we will make decisions on the return of profits by comprehensively taking into account the details of consolidated business results, future business investment prospects, and the status of investment recovery in previous years. The General Meeting of Shareholders is the decision-making body for dividends of surplus, and the basic rule is to pay year-end dividends (once a year).
The Articles of Incorporation stipulate that the Company may pay interim dividends.

* At present, in accordance with the above policy, we will return to shareholders through dividends at a target of about 20% of the consolidated dividend payout ratio.

(Note) The resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders regarding dividends of surplus belonging to the current fiscal year was made on March 22, 2023, and the total amount of dividends was 123.0 yen per share, for a total dividend of 290,604 thousand yen.


(Millions of yen)


  • Dividend payout ratio


  • Dividend to net assets


  • The second quarter (2Q) is the cumulative information from the first quarter to the second quarter.
  • Third quarter (3Q) is cumulative information from the first quarter to the third quarter.
  • Fourth quarter (4Q) is cumulative information from the first quarter to the fourth quarter.
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  • Even if a stock split is carried out, the related indicators are not retroactively revised.
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