Competitive advantage of business

Fabless Management

Daytona has not had a factory or other production facilities since its founding.
What customers want changes with the times. In order to continue to provide the products that are required, we believe that product design should not be based on production facilities. We carry out planning and design, and leave manufacturing to partner companies with strengths in each field.

Planning & Development, Manufacturing & Assembly, sale

Since our founding in 1972, we have been able to diversify in response to the changing times because we have been able to manage flexibly by not having production facilities.
In this era of rapid change, we will continue to be a company that is sensitive to changes in our customers and continues to provide value.

Staying close to the user and giving it shape


The Daytona employees are a group of riders who know motorcycles very well. I am working on product planning with the awareness that what I want is what users need right now.
We discuss internally what users are looking for and how to give shape to it, make prototypes, conduct tests on a test course set up on the premises of the head office, and proceed with commercialization based on reliable performance evaluation.
We will respond to the needs of users around the world more safely and with a sense of speed.

Development Membership System

01:Deliver real voices about products through questionnaires and monitors, 02:Improving the product by referring to the feedback received, 03:Becoming more attached to the product and becoming a loyal customer

Daytona makes every effort to reflect the voices of its users in its products.
In the development membership system, registered members are asked to monitor existing products and products under development, and conduct questionnaires to help develop and improve products.
At regular events such as the Shizuoka Tea Meeting and Camping Meeting, we exchange opinions while sharing the fun of motorcycles with riders. We believe that users are not just customers, but friends who make products together.

Development Membership System

We also conduct real-time marketing research. Through directly managed stores, customer preferences and trends are directly communicated. We always try to be sensitive to changes in customer preferences.