New Business

We are diversifying into new business ventures while maintaining our core in the motorcycle industry

Daytona has skillfully harnessed the core competencies we've honed in the motorcycle afterparts business to explore diverse fields. Looking ahead, we are actively exploring opportunities to enter the outdoor industry, with plans to further enhance our camping equipment business and venture into related areas, drawing on the expertise we've cultivated in the motorcycle business.

Our commitment to expansion and diversification remains unwavering, with the motorcycle business at its core. We are eager to continue taking on new challenges and extending our reach into various businesses, all with the aim of bringing joy to our customers through hobbies and enhancing their transportation experiences.



Our camping touring gear is designed with motorcycle riders in mind, adhering to the 46 concept. We meticulously plan, develop, and offer outdoor equipment that caters to the needs of riders, with the aim of enhancing the experience of motorcycle camping.

Electric Vehicle Business

Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle conceived by a motorcycle rider.
In alignment with the idea of a convenient, eco-friendly mode of transportation, we have introduced the "Daytona PotteringBike," an electric-assist bicycle designed for comfort and efficiency. Furthermore, we are actively engaged in the development of "small electric mobility," including new electric vehicle concepts and products like "motorized bicycles (mopeds)." Our goal is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for modern transportation needs. 

Reiwa 3 Kanto Regional Invention Awards "Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner's Award"

Electric Vehicle1

Electric Vehicle2

In the electrically assisted bicycle market, which primarily featured practical vehicles for transporting children, our main challenge was to capture the hearts of users who viewed cycling as more than just a practical means of transportation. We aimed to create a unique and enticing product that allowed users to savor the joy of cycling (pottering) wherever they desired.

To achieve this, we designed the bicycle with some distinctive features. The most prominent of these was placing the battery within a leather bag, making it inconspicuous. We adopted an arched frame design with smooth lines for the top tube and down tube, which can be folded near the center for convenience. The frame pipes had an irregular cross-sectional shape, giving the bicycle a slim profile when viewed from the side, and an irregular width when observed from oblique or top angles, enhancing its stability and presence.

We positioned the motor inside the hub and avoided placing switches around the handlebar, creating a design that did not immediately suggest an electric bicycle. At first glance, it appeared to be a regular folding bicycle, but in reality, it was an electrically assisted bicycle. This design incorporated elements of "hobby" and "attachment."

This innovative design altered the course of products in this category by adding value through a focus on hobbyist features. In an industry known for incremental changes year by year, our product has become a long-selling item, maintaining its design for approximately six years, which is a noteworthy achievement.

Reuse business

Boom Boom! Market

We manage "Boom Boom! Market," a specialized second-hand marketplace for motorcycles where users can both "list" and "sell" a wide range of items, including motorcycles, parts, and riding gear.


Electric Snow Shovel

In response to demographic shifts, such as a declining birthrate and an aging population, as well as the growing number of dual-income households, we have expanded our product offerings to include specialized equipment such as cultivators, snow blowers, and generators. These products are designed to address the evolving needs of our customers.

New Energy Development

We are actively involved in sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives. Our efforts include the installation of solar power generation systems and research on hydrogen gas as a potential new energy source. These endeavors aim to reduce or replace the consumption of gasoline, contributing to a cleaner environment.
Furthermore, we are engaged in an industry-academia collaboration project with universities to develop generators that do not rely on fossil fuels. These projects reflect our commitment to finding innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

Industry-Academia Collaboration Program

We are placing significant emphasis on harnessing the potential of abundant "water." Through collaborative efforts with domestic and international companies as well as renowned universities, we are actively developing a system that efficiently decomposes water to generate hydrogen. This collaborative research involves numerous trial productions and evaluations to refine the technology further.

In addition, we are committed to the research and development of systems that utilize hydrogen to enhance the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines. These endeavors are a testament to our dedication to innovation and environmental sustainability.