Future of Daytona

promotion of new business challenges and commercialization

We acknowledge the potential management risks associated with the maturation and potential decline of the motorcycle-related market in which Daytona operates. To address these challenges, we have embarked on a proactive strategy that includes business development and mergers and acquisitions in new sectors. Our goal is to challenge and successfully commercialize innovative business ventures, with a vision to achieve a sales ratio exceeding 25% in areas outside of motorcycle aftermarket sales.
Simultaneously, we are committed to fortifying our product offerings and brand influence within the domestic market, striving to establish ourselves as the foremost brand with the highest user approval rate. We are also actively expanding into international markets, with Indonesia as a focal point. Our aspiration is to evolve into a globally recognized and supported brand and group by motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Motorcycle Business

motorcycle business

Daytona's motorcycle business is divided into two segments: the domestic motorcycle business and the overseas motorcycle business.
The domestic motorcycle business serves as the company's core operation, focused on the planning, development, and sale of original customized parts and accessories for motorcycles. Additionally, this segment involves the import and sale of carefully selected parts and accessories from various international sources.
In contrast, the Overseas Motorcycle Business is dedicated to planning, developing, and distributing products tailored to North America, Europe, and other key Asian markets. This segment extends Daytona's reach to motorcycling enthusiasts across the globe.

Daytona goes the extra mile in offering outstanding overseas products as an authorized distributor. To make these products accessible to users in Japan, we've invested in creating Japanese instruction manuals and have actively engaged in activities to provide guidance to overseas manufacturers. Our objective is to align their products with the preferences and sensibilities of the Japanese market, resulting in the establishment of a strong reputation for trustworthiness with overseas brands.
Internationally, we are highly responsive to the needs and requests of distributors, including wholesalers and agents, and readily offer OEM supply services. As a noteworthy example, we oversee the entire process from planning and development to outsourcing and manufacturing of mini motocross engines, which we supply to our valued distributors.
Regarding our sales network, our primary focus is on Java Island, with Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, at its center. We have capitalized on the shift in user behavior caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to increased time spent at home and changes in purchasing patterns. This presented an opportunity for us to expand our sales channels, emphasizing online platforms. We've taken steps such as launching a dedicated website specializing in repair consumables, increasing transactions through major online sales channels, and promoting our products directly to users via social media and other platforms.

New Initiatives

new initiatives

Daytona has demonstrated a remarkable ability to diversify into different industries by leveraging the core competencies we've honed in the motorcycle aftermarket-parts business. Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to expand into the outdoor industry by further developing our camping equipment business. We also aim to strengthen our presence in the realm of electric small mobility, drawing on the expertise we've gained from our experience in the motorcycle-related business. This includes ventures into electric vehicles tailored for the elderly and expanding our motorcycle wear brand, "MaxFritz."

Our commitment to diversification extends to exploring new opportunities and taking on fresh challenges. We're dedicated to delivering the joy of hobbies and the satisfaction of transportation to our customers in various ways.