Local Community

Contribution to the local community Efforts based on a tourism partner agreement with the Shigarakucho Tourism Association

  • SDGs 3
  • SDGs 8
  • SDGs 11
  • SDGs 17


This agreement will facilitate mutual support and cooperation in activities such as promoting each other, regional revitalization, sharing information with motorcycle riders, and working together to promote Daytona's vision of creating motorcycle culture.

  • We will enhance etiquette for motorcycle riders and distribute reliable product information to ensure safety and security.
    *reducing motorcycle accidents
  • We will engage in activities to encourage motorcycle riders to share information.
  • Promoting sustainable tourism. We support building strong connections between urban and rural areas by disseminating information about close relationships. 

Initiatives and achievements

Year Details of Implementation
2021 3 business plan proposals Not implemented (canceled due to the declaration of a state of emergency)
2022 5 business plan proposals May, June, August, September, October 6Implementation
2023 4 business plan proposals
FY2022 (April 2022 ~ March 2023)
Implementation period Details of Initiatives
May 14,
May 15
Roadside Station 1st Anniversary Festival
Shigarakucho Tourism Association × Daytona co-sponsored event
May 14
- June 13
Shitara Touring Rally completed
Stamp rally around 20 locations in the town
August 6
- October 10
Rider Asakatsu Café demonstration experiment 14 days in total, 777 visitors
Shigarakucho Tourism Association × Daytona × Palm Tree Cafe
* This morning activity will be operated as a project of the Tourism Association from 2023.
September 4,
September 10,
September 11
Tsugu Kogen Green Park Event participation and planning
9/4Camp Festival opens 9/10 Daytona event
9/10, 11Yamaha parent-child motorcycle class invitation
October 15
- October 16
Motorcycle hometown Hamamatsu Exhibit Shitarakucho introduction questionnaire 355 people
Stamp points around the Okumikawa area were invited to the stamp rally on 8/19~10/16 of the same program. Of the five locations in the Okumikawa area, two Shigarakucho locations are set up.
October 19 Motorcycle class held at Tsugu Elementary School with the cooperation of Yamaha Motor and Dirt Freak. Published in two local newspapers