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Let's share and expand the fun of motorcycles with Daytona.

President & CEOTetsuji Oda

"Are you guys enjoying your bike?"
These are the words I always ask not only to our customers but also to our employees. The true meaning of this is the desire for each and every employee to genuinely enjoy motorcycles as a motorcycle user, and we believe that this is the starting point for coming up with truly comfortable and convenient products and ways to enjoy motorcycles.

At the level of riding a motorcycle once a month, touching it, or only using your own products, if you feel any inconvenience, you may just say, "It's difficult to use, but it's okay." However, if you are a true user who rides motorcycles on a daily basis, I think that you will develop thoughts such as "What about other companies' products?" or "If we devise something like this, it will be better." For example, the garage series that we have been proposing in recent years has been realized by our employees who firmly grasp the desire to have a space where they can look at and tinker with motorcycles even when they are not riding motorcycles, and the feelings of riders who love motorcycles who want to store their favorite motorcycles indoors.

I started riding motorcycles during the motorcycle boom around the 1980s, and I am one of the veteran riders who have lived their lives with the transition of motorcycles and the history of our company. As a person, many riders, including those of this age group, were thinking about how to make touring more enjoyable in the future. And what came back to me was the memory of the camp I spent with my family more than ten years ago. "If you combine camping and touring, it will be fun!" I immediately gathered my tools and started camping touring.

When I actually experienced it, I realized that I was able to enjoy it deeply because I was at this age, such as planning the route to my destination, preparing for various equipment, setting up tents, cooking rice outdoors, talking around a bonfire with riders I met, and spending time in nature away from everyday life. Like the garage, we would like to expand the fun of this camping touring as a new Daytona proposal.

I also felt that it was necessary to share more information about the fun of motorcycles and product information with riders, so last year I introduced a system called the "Development Membership System." This is a user participation type system that hears a wide range of opinions from riders who have actually used Daytona products, including comfort and impressions, and improvement points such as "It would be better if we did this," and reflects them in our product development and planning. We already have more than 180 members, and in October last year, we were able to hold a member meeting at a campsite not far from our company. There, I was able to deepen exchanges with people from various professions and positions, and at the same time, I was able to hear the valuable "real voices of riders". I would like to use these "real voices" more and more for future product development.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Daytona employees should enjoy, devise, and think about motorcycles as a single user. In addition to e-mail and Internet information, we believe that talking directly with customers, sharing fun, and working together to expand the fun of new motorcycles is the joy and origin of Daytona.

November 30, 2023
Daytona Corporation
President Tetsuji Oda