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President & CEO Tetsuji Oda

Freedom, Seriousness, Creativity, Challenge

President & CEOTetsuji Oda

Daytona Week is an annual motorcycle festival held in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. Its inception dates back to 1970 when our founder, Hisao Abe, first experienced it. He was profoundly inspired by its grandeur and sense of liberation, which laid the foundation for our endeavors under the 'Daytona' banner.
For over half a century, individuals who possess an unwavering passion for motorcycles have converged to champion the joy of riding, both at home and on the global stage. As manufacturers specializing in the planning, development, and sale of custom motorcycle parts and accessories, we have been devoted to the noble cause of 'creating motorcycle culture.'
At Daytona, there is no dress code. We nurture a corporate culture that thrives on freedom, birthing fresh ideas for an even more fulfilling motorcycle experience. Nevertheless, this liberty is entrusted to our team members who uphold discipline and exhibit environmental awareness. Consequently, our users can achieve legitimate customization without disrupting the harmony of society. It's our genuine love for motorcycles that keeps us loyal, creative, and resolute in our challenges.
This unwavering commitment is what propels 'Daytona' forward.



2023, November 30 -
Daytona Corporation
President & CEO Tetsuji Oda