Our Businesses

We will continue to deliver original products that meet and satisfy our customers' needs.

The Group consists of the Company, three consolidated subsidiaries, and one non- The consolidated subsidiary of the Group is actively involved in planning, development, wholesale, and retail sales of motorcycle parts and accessories. Both the Company and its consolidated subsidiary, Dirt Freak Co., Ltd., are dedicated to the planning, development, and wholesale distribution of motorcycle parts and accessories, serving markets both in Japan and overseas through exports.
Furthermore, the consolidated subsidiary, Riders Support Company Co., Ltd., operates as a franchisee of "Ricoland," a business managed by Koshida Tec Co., Ltd., in Chiba and Saitama prefectures, where our stores provide retail sales of motorcycle parts and accessories.
In addition, the non-consolidated subsidiary, OD Brain Co., Ltd., specializes in the design and production of motorcycle wear, fostering the "MAXFritz" brand. These products are available for purchase at both proprietary stores and franchise outlets.
Moreover, the overseas consolidated subsidiary, PT. DAYTONA AZIA (INDONESIA), is primarily engaged in the planning, development, and wholesale distribution of motorcycle parts, accessories, and OEM products, with a significant focus on the Indonesian market.



Domestic Wholesale Business

Domestic motorcycle accessories wholesale business

The motorcycle accessories wholesale business, originating from our domestic operations, encompasses sales to both domestic wholesalers and overseas wholesalers. This business serves as the cornerstone of the Daytona Group, where we strategically plan, develop, and market original customized parts and accessories for motorcycles. Additionally, we engage in the import and sale of carefully selected parts and supplies from various global sources.
In our international endeavors, we undertake the planning, development, and sales of products in regions spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Corresponding Companies
Riders Support Company, Inc.
Dirt Freak Inc.

Wholesale Business in Asia

Wholesale business of motorcycle accessories based in Asia

Consolidated subsidiary PT. Based in DAYTONA AZIA, we are engaged in wholesale sales business to the ASEAN region centered on Indonesia.
Just like our domestic base wholesale business, we are dedicated to planning, developing, and marketing original customized parts and accessories tailored to meet the specific requirements of the ASEAN region.

Corresponding Companies

Motorcycle Accessories Retail Business

Motorcycle accessories retail business

Our motorcycle accessories retail business encompasses four stores operated as franchisees by Riders Support Company Co., Ltd.: Ricoland Kashiwa, Ricoland Saitama, Up Garage Riders Kashiwa, and Up Garage Riders Saitama Ageo. Furthermore, we have the Dirt Bike Plus Seto store, which was established by Dirt Freak Co., Ltd. In all of these stores, our products are meticulously curated to fulfill the demands of end-users.

Corresponding Companies
Riders Support Company, Inc.
Dirt Freak Inc.

Other and New Businesses

other and new businesses

Other businesses are engaged in the sale of solar power generation and the reuse web business. The solar power generation facility currently has three power generation capacities, and in the reuse business, we provide the service of the motorcycle flea market app "BoonBoonMarket". In the outdoor business, under the theme of "one bag for the world of camping," we are developing outdoor products that use a baptized compact design and carefully selected materials. In the electric vehicle business, we sell electric bicycles for pottering, and we plan to start accepting orders for electric scooters by the end of this year.  Under the name of "Providing performance that the world can agree with even in home gardens," the special equipment business utilizes the knowledge cultivated in the motorcycle field to provide a run-up of original special equipment products.

Original Brand

"Henry Begins" creates riding bags and wear from the perspective of a motorcycle rider in order to enjoy "adult holidays". It is a Daytona original brand.

DAYTONA MOTORCYCLE GARAGE introduces the essence of garage life to riders of all ages. It stands as a distinguished Daytona brand that champions the concept of "living with a garage" — a lifestyle that extends beyond mere motorcycle storage and safety.

"Henry Begins" crafts riding bags and attire with a motorcycle rider's viewpoint, tailored for the pursuit of 'adult holidays.' This represents a unique and original brand within the Daytona portfolio.

Our camping touring gear is meticulously designed with the motorcycle rider in mind. Adhering to the 46 concept, our products are renowned for their emphasis on portability and convenience.

In our quest for a more picturesque lifestyle with electric mobility, we aspire to relish the scenery, savor the breeze, and embark on journeys of exploration. Daytona Mobility extends elegant holiday experiences for these pursuits.

Business Model

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, our vision is to evolve into a company that will thrive for the next 50 years. Leveraging the inherent flexibility of fabless manufacturers, we are committed to adapting swiftly to market dynamics. While maintaining our presence in the existing motorcycle business, we will persist in exploring new avenues and ventures.
In light of future management risks, such as the maturity and potential decline of the motorcycle-related market, we are embarking on the development of new businesses and ventures. This includes pursuing mergers and acquisitions to meet the challenge of commercializing innovative ideas. Our objective is for these new ventures to contribute more than 25% of our total sales, excluding motorcycle after-parts sales (which were at 18% in the fiscal year ending December 2024).
Moreover, we aim to fortify our product lineup and enhance our brand influence within the domestic market. Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as the leading brand with the highest user approval rating. Concurrently, we are expanding into global markets, with a central focus on Indonesia, as we endeavor to become a brand and group acknowledged and championed by motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Business Model